James Brown Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is one of those things I feel I should adore but can never get on with. I've tried it so many times over the years but this whole 'soaks up the grease' thing doesn't work for me. It just makes my hair more greasy. Yet I see other women rocking it and looking fabulous when they've not washed their hair for days and have told me their secret is dry shampoo. At the moment, I really want to get on with it because if I wash my hair less, my Brazilian Blow Dry will last longer. Plus the BBD is making my hair much more manageable and therefore I should need to wash my hair less. Do you all follow?

I've tried Batiste and it doesn't work. Plus all of them smell disgusting, it's most off-putting. I tried the James Brown one in the white can and that didn't work but I got a can of this one and can say, tentatively, that it's working. You have to hand it to me, I don't give up. I've spent a fair bit on dry shampoos over the years. Why I thought this one would work when his other one didn't, who knows?

I've used this twice in the last week (and used it to get through the grim three days of the BBD) and it's good. My hair has more bounce to it and it spins out the time between washes. I shall use a few more times before giving a definitive verdict but so far, it's the best I've found.

I am sure you all have a vision of me with smelly greasy hair now. Nice.


Allie said…
I'm sure you've tried them, but I actually really like the Superdrug own brand dry shampoos. I tried Batiste and it just made my hair all white and chalky, even after a LOT of massaging in and brushing, but the Superdrug ones work really well. I wash my hair every day because my fringe sticks up like Jedward's when I wake up and the layers go everywhere, but I've got really into using dry shampoo on my fringe if I'm going out after work, just to freshen it up and give it a bit of bounce.
MissDisco said…
I have recently discovered and embraced dry shampoo. I use to wash my hair everyday, not so much because it was dirty but because it needed restyling but now i use dry shampoo I only need to wash it every 2 to 3 days. I have used the Batiste one and don't have any issues with it but my favourite is the James worthington one.
Cover Girl said…
Thank you both for gently pointing out my incorrect spelling of Evil Bastiste!
MissDisco said…
Have you tried Tresemme's Instant Refresh? It's a waterless foam shampoo - I got some the other week, have used it twice and so far highly recommend it.

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