Dior Addict lipstick

Back in June when I was buying the miracle product that is Diorskin Nude, I was given a very generous lipstick sample. It was a proper lipstick but teeny tiny. I really liked the colour, it suited me and it was great for the handbag. Being me, I lost the lid and therefore it was not great for the handbag. The lid had the shade of the colour on it so I was somewhat stuck.

However, today I decided to rectify this and take my lidless one in and ask for help. The lovely lady at Peter Jones identified it as Diorkiss aka 578. I was very impressed until she told me that was the only sample they did of the Dior Addict lipsticks as it was the one Kate Moss wore in the advert.

Obviously I look better in mine than Kate but she's had a hard life so it's not her fault. I believe this is one of those magic lipsticks that suit all - it's lovely and bright without being garish and it's great for day or night. It also doesn't appear to dry my lips out. It's expensive but at the moment Debenhams and John Lewis are doing 15% off all cosmetics so run, don't walk. With all this Christmas shopping, you need to treat yourself and up the glamour for the Christmas party season.

Edited to add - I now, of course, have found the lid to the sample lipstick. The law of sod.


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