Brazilian Blow Dry, early report

I washed my hair today - oh such bliss and joy. I can't tell you how fantastic it is to wash your hair after keratin had been painted on every single strand, blow dried and then sealed in within an inch of its life with hot irons. Then 72 hours (72 hours I say) without tying it back, tucking it behind ears, getting it wet and a sweaty zumba class. It felt disgusting to say the least.

My early report is very positive. It's super duper shiny, it took much less effort to blow dry and it is looking good. However, I do think when you've not washed your hair for ages, it does look so much better when you finally do - it's like it does your hair good to not be washed so much. So my tentative report card is that it's an optimistic start.

I shall naturally keep you all posted. I know you are on the edge of your seats.


Anonymous said…
I'd love to know how long the effect lasts! 72 hours is a very long time!
Cover Girl said…
Last time I had it done, I reckon it lasted 3 months or so.

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