The Brazilian Blow Dry

At last I have had this done. I went yesterday afternoon to Fordham in Soho. A slightly scary salon when you walk in - the receptionist was wearing mini shorts and had the most interesting massive tattoo round her whole thigh. And she had long bleached blonde hair, massive false eyelashes and freaked me out a bit. As it turned out she was very friendly and nice.

The man who did my hair was beautiful. I mean, I know I am married and all but he really was very attractive. And Not Gay. No. He told me so.

Anyway, so they wash your hair but don't add conditioner. Then they towel dry it and paint on keratin in sections. Then they blow dry it. Then they take each bit and straighten in with irons to seal the product in. It's quite fun as loads of steam happens. It took about and an hour and a half but he was super quick. The keratin smells like chocolate. It comes in three flavours - strawberry, mint and chocolate. I thought he was kidding but he wasn't.

It looked so shiny and glossy while he was doing it (and still does). You are not allowed to tie your hair back, tuck it behind your ears or anything for 72 hours. This is the worst bit. I am only on day two and it's driving me mad. You are allowed to use dry shampoo which I think I'll be needing by tomorrow!

The real test is when I do finally wash it, how easy will it be to handle? I'll keep you posted...


Jenni said…
So how long is it supposed to last? Is it all about the shine or is it supposed to help hair with kinks stay straight? I love when my hair is straightened properly at the hairdressers and I can never quite achieve the same look at home, despite owning 2 pairs of different sized GHDs!
Cover Girl said…
It lasts up to four months as long as you use the right shampoo and conditioner. It is meant to make your hair much easier to manage and style. So whereas a blow dry might take you 20 mins currently, with this, it might take, say 5. And you might even be able to leave it to dry naturally without scaring small children...
This was so interesing! And chocolate scented Keratin?! Who would have known! You must post photos, I can only imagine the shine it must feel so lovely. Although I've never understood the difference between this Keratin treatment, and the one that repairs damaged hair? :S


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