Brazilian Blow Dry, part 4

I am officially liking it. It's taken a while for my hair to settle down into it and I think I was expecting a radical change which I haven't had. However, my hair does have that glossy blow-dried look. Even the day after I wash it. I love the shampoo and conditioner I bought too - they smell lovely and you hardly need any for full-on foamy action.

Am off to 80 degree heat in Washington DC today so that will be a test of the frizzy factor. However, two weeks in and it's a thumbs up.


You jetsetter you! Glad it's working out for you. What was the shampoo and conditioner called again? I want some SLS free stuff but find some stuff lingers in my hair and weighs it down.

Cover Girl said…
Here is the info on the shampoo and conditioner:

Yes, I think this does perhaps linger in the hair. I know exactly what you mean. But the day I wash it, it looks amazing!

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