Autumn colours

There is a slight nip in the air, leaves are falling, bonfire smoke can be smelt (well, if you live outside London I expect it can) and autumn is here.

I love this time of year. New beginnings, new school term, fresh pencils and notebooks. And of course, autumn colours to be worn. With clothes and make-up, I like to embrace the seasons. And none more so than autumn. There is something satisfying about warm woolly tights, tweed, knee high boots, scarves, cashmere. Mmmmmmmm!

I'm going to redo my nails today as the Forever Young has chipped a bit. And I plan to do them in Angora Cardigan. Another nail varnish from my recent visit to NYC. It's a gorgeous dusty purple/pink and so perfect for this time of year. It looks great with grey and with navy blue (something of an obsession at the moment in my wardrobe).

I am also embracing eyeshadow as opposed to eyeliner. Now the weather has cooled, it's much easier to wear without feeling overdone. So the wedding make-up is back on! As I said back in July, I had a Bobbi Brown makeover for my wedding. The eyeshadows I got are lovely. I have Ivory, Cement and Mahogany. You do the base in Ivory. The socket in Cement and the liner in Mahogany with one of those special brushes which you wet first. If that sounds like a faff, it's not. The whole thing takes me two minutes max. I prefer to wear darker eyeshadow as an eyeliner rather than buy a pencil. The effect is much softer. You, of course, blend all three. But you don't need me to tell you that.

And this week, the Chanel lipstick is being dusted off as well. It's time to look polished ladies. After all, the fashion is Mad Men. And you don't think those ladies wore lipgloss do you?


m4dswine said…
I took a leaf out of your book today and used a black shadow with mixing medium to line my eyes rather than my usual gel eyeliner and it looks pretty darn good - just the ticket to go with hot pink lipstick!
Cover Girl said…
Excellent work Nat.

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