Reporting back

I bought the new Chanel lipstick as previously discussed. Oh my word. It's just completely gorgeous. The range is called Rouge Coco. There's the usual marketing nonsense that justifies the £21 price tag. Vanessa Paradis looking impossibly decadent and French, a film playing by the counters, beautiful brochure etc.

But this lipstick does live up to the hype. Firstly big thumbs up to the Chanel lady in Fenwicks, Bond St who was down to earth and normal. Unlike the man in Selfridges who, although did warm up to my friend and I, took himself way too seriously.

I got a bright colour as I am bored of neutrals and if you're going to do it, do it right. As George Michael would say. So I got 17. Which will mean nothing to you unless you are on board the Rouge Coco love train. I even took MY OWN picture of it. Which shows it is love.

Oh, and it lasts beautifully without drying your lips out. It may have changed my life in a small but significant way.


I've only ever heard wonderful things about these, I loooove it!


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