Has Spring sprung?

I am going to go with yes. Because I am over winter in every possible way and I read we're going to have spectacular spring. So bring it on. Now please.

It's time to dig out your bright and breezy make-up, lighten up the perfume, buy your bikini (yes, buy it now, don't wait until July), and break out the eye-popping colours. And stop wearing black. It's depressing me.

My shower gel of the week is Burts Bees Citrus & Ginger. Suitably zingy and no nasties in it. I used some today and liked it. I bought it for CoverBoy but hmmm, I may requisition it.

I made a rookie error with my nail colour choice this week. I went with Damsel in A Dress. What was I thinking? Karen tried to talk me into Footloose but I thought I wanted something darker. Turned out I don't really. Such are the trials I have to face on a daily basis...


I have my spring make up and nails all done, but from reading this, I clearly need to go bikini shopping!

Anonymous said…
ooh, I do like the look of "footloose"...
My mother is hooked on the Burt Bees shower gel for Men.


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