Brazilian Blow Dry, part 3

I've never been so delighted to wash my hair in my life. It was bliss. My concern about the SLS-free shampoo was unfounded. It lathers up beautifully and you hardly need any at all.

So, my hair. Is it worth it? I say yes. It's super shiny and it's much easier to style however it does still need some styling and by styling I mean blow drying. But, the task is much easier and more satisfying. So far, I am impressed. But I am not blown away (pun, fully intended). I would not call this life changing but it does make a difference and I imagine the longer your hair, the better the effect. Mine is shoulder-length.

I shall keep you all informed naturally.


Phew! I am happy on your behalf that you find got to wash it! 72 hours is loooooong. I'm glad you like the SLS free shampoo, I'm loving my new step away from SLS. I use the Naked range and it's fab. I'm kind of tempted by this. My hair is ridiculously long, and would probably benefit from it. Hmmm.


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