Reporting back on hair, face and nails

I have good news all round.

Firstly, the Babyliss Big Hair. I've now used this twice. One was a work day morning and my first go at it. I was a bit perplexed getting the hang of it I must say. You push a button - one to spin it one way and one to spin it the other. Working out which one to push depending how you hold the brush took a little bit of practice. And you have to section all your hair and do it in stages. So I don't think this is a work day morning thing. I just don't have the time or energy at 7am to be sectioning my hair off. However, I just used it again on a lovely Saturday morning where one has more time to be vain. And it's actually brilliant. It mimics what your hairdresser does with a blow dry but can be done by us mere mortals. I love it the most for the underneath of my hair which I usually find hard to blow dry smooth. This does that job in seconds. I did get a bit tangled up but I am sure with practice, I'll get better. I am currently swishing my hair in amazement. Thumbs up and absolutely recommended if you have mid to long length hair.

Next, the Maybelline Eraser foundation. £9.99 from Boots. I bought the nude shade. It only seems to come in three shades. Seriously, what do black and Asian women do? I think it's a disgrace. Anyway, it has a spongey top that claims to get into all the crevices and fine lines (should you have any, obviously I don't!) giving you a perfect finish. Well, my first mistake yesterday was twisting it too much so I had way too much product on the sponge so I couldn't test the sponge thing as I had to just put it on with my fingers. And I put more on than I would have normally. Having said all that, I was very impressed and my friend was very complimentary about my skin when I saw her yesterday. It's very natural looking. Today I just put some on with the sponge and can't see any particular benefits to that application method but I am still really liking it. Yet again, Maybelline give us a foundation that doesn't cost the earth and works a treat. Recommended.

Finally, the Dior nail varnish. Oh me , oh my. Be still my beating heart. This is divine. It's just a perfect shade of blue/dark grey. If you are as obsessed with blue as I am, then you need this. Also, no fears on the application front. The brush is a little thick and odd but it goes on perfectly. I am not going to recommend this until I can measure how long-lasting it is. For £17, I expect no chipping for at least 3-4 days. If it does chip, I will not be impressed. The picture above is not mine, I took it from this blog where you can read about the other two colours too.

And so I sit here with bouncy hair, perfect skin and funky nails. I think I need to go out and show the world...


Jenni said…
I L-O-V-E the nail varnish. It's beautiful. xx
CleverRabbit said…
Thanks so much for reporting back on the BaByliss Big Hair styler. Are you still enjoying it?

I'm considering getting it to finish off my hair - make the ends smooths and curved under.

Do you think this fits the bill?

I'm a new follower x

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MissDisco said…
I bought one of the hair spinny things with my Boots points last week and I just love it. It's exactly like you say, a salon like blow dry that even cack handed old me can do!

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