Christian Dior me, from my head to my toes

Today I had the opportunity to go to the Dior shop on Bond St to look for their limited edition nail varnish. I was convinced this would be sold out but no, all three were available. Picking one to buy wasn't difficult. Far and away the most interesting colour was Bond St. A lovely bluey/grey. I can't wait to paint my nails in it.

It's the most beautiful shop. These top-end shops really are wonderful experiences and I urge you all to go into them. I know they look intimidating but they are really not and the staff could not have been nicer. One assistant let us paint her nails to try the colours (we didn't want to ruin our manis after all!) The nail varnish costs £17 which is expensive, no doubt about it but look how they present it to you:

So irresistible. The brush looks a little thick and I am not sure how it will be to apply but hey, who cares? It's a beautiful product. Their sunglasses are also awesome, I don't know how I resisted buying a pair but I did. 

I also found time to nip to the Lancome counter in Selfridges and look for the Dewy Glow Base. They had it and I had a little play. It's a spray. I wasn't expecting that at all. It's nice but not a must-have. Which is good as I spent quite a lot of money today...


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