Boots 3-Minute Mask

It's January. We're all saving pennies and looking bleakly down the barrel of at least two months more of winter. It's miserable isn't it? And, horror or horrors, I have a spot. I rarely get spots so actually take it as a personal insult when I get one. This one is a humdinger and impossible to cover up. All day it's been brewing and I didn't pick it or touch it. I did however have a video conference and felt like saying to the other person, "honest, I don't get many spots!" while covering my face with my hand.

Anyway, I came home, cleansed my face, had a little squeeze and popped a dab of this little hero on it. I have left it on all night. Nothing dries spots out so well as this and look how cheap it is!

I fully expect the spot to be history tomorrow and my normal beauty restored.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the tip, will def be picking this up! Iv got a little refugee taken up camp on my face and it needs deporting! Great blog


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