2011 must-haves

Well, right now I am feeling a bit smug. What's new there? I hear you mutter. Today's Sunday Times Style magazine and the Top 10 beauty products we need for 2011 and number one under The Nail Varnish is the Dior varnish I asked for weeks ago in Westfield. The Dior counter woman had no idea what I was talking about. It does annoy me when products are talked about in magazines and are not in the shops for ages.

Anyway, for those of you at the back, the Dior varnish comes in three shades of grey to celebrate the brand's new stores in London, Paris and New York. Called Dior Vernis Gris City. I need at least one. At £17.50 each I may stop at just one. Pictures can be found here. Damn, I actually do want all three. The London one looks fab-u-lous.

What else does Style say we need? Well, the Givenchy blush caught my eye being a blusher obsessive. Blush Gelee in a limited edition shade called Candide Pink it is 'sheer and the formula is light as air'. I want that. £23.

There's a new Maybelline foundation. Isn't there one every year? Last year's was a hit. The new one is called the Eraser. Great name. £10.

Ooooh, Lancome's Dewy Glow Base. It has the word 'dewy' in it. We need it. It's limited edition annoyingly. £30.50.

Jo Malone has two new fragrances out. Assam and Grapefruit and Sweet Milk. Eeeeewwwwww @ Sweet Milk. Do we want to smell like mothers of new-borns? Hell no. But the Assam and Grapefruit is worth a sniff although I am a little over Jo Malone.

I've saved the best to last... Mac's new False Lashes mascara. Now, Mac's mascaras are legendarily bad but. BUT. This has a rave review: 'it doesn't clog or thicken lashes, just coats them to make them look longer and more curled - and you can see it all happening as you apply.' I am going to have to investigate. £17.50.

Suddenly I am excited about 2011 and ready to hit the shops.  Bring it on.


Anonymous said…
Ooh. Ooh! Great post, especially for people like me who want to know these things but seem unable to actually get the relevant newspaper supplements on the correct day.

Love the mood boards on the blog you link to (re the nail varnishes). The Paris one looks particularly gorgeous. And I think I'll be investigating the new Mac mascara...skeptically ;)

Jenni said…
I am similarly smitten with the Paris Dior varnish and think I may have to purchase as an early bday pressie to myself. I am also on the similar holy grail search for mascara, so I shall be trying the new Mac one (but only if they do it in waterproof, or I'll be all panda-eyed again).

And Im with you on the Jo Malone repulsive sounding name. Seriously, do they want me NOT to try on their perfumes? I still love Jo Malone (though only a very few of the scents - many are WAY too heavy for me), but I am disappointed at such a rubbish name. Still yearning to try out some of the Guerlain scents you mentioned the other day.

Oh, the joy of online shopping! xxx

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