Hand wash

It's not terribly glamorous but we all need to wash our hands. I have to have three bottles of hand wash in situ. One in the kitchen and we have two bathrooms.

I don't like bars of soap by the sink as they get all slimy and messy. I have bought many different hand washes in my time in the quest to find the best one and I have a contender. A'kin Eucalyptus and Tea Tree. It sounds like it's going to be very drying (a particular curse of mine) but it's not and it has no nasties in it. It costs just £5.60 from lookfantastic.com (one of my fave sites). MrCG watered our one down as we are running out (new order on the way so I am not panicking) and actually I think it's better for it. So a handy and thrifty tip from him.

A word on Molton Brown - it looks pretty but it's the most drying hand wash I've ever encountered and I think it's way over-priced.


Look Fantastic rules. Does it have SLS in? I may be interested in getting some, as harsh soaps are making my eczema flare up again.

Cover Girl said…
Nope, no SLS. :o)

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