Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm

As I am travelling so much, I am going to the airport a lot and as I have explained, I always feel the need to buy something. On my way to India a couple of weeks ago, I bought this after Sali Hughes recommended it. Sali Hughes is going to bankrupt me but at least I'll be glowing as I live under a bridge somewhere.

I am now at the point where there are multi layers going on my face and weirdly, it all seems to work. I start with a serum, I add a moisturiser, then this and then my base. Less dry skins could probably use this instead of a moisturiser. I don't need a primer with this thankfully.

It is wondrous and make up simply glides on over the top of it. It gives you maximum glowiness but not sparkly glowiness. Yes, I am a convert. At this time of year, with central heating blasting out, parties to go to, champagne to drink (darling) and less sleep than one would like, I really think this is a necessity. It's not cheap at £42 (although cheaper at the airport!) but it's damn good stuff.

I am off to Rome tomorrow and I honestly am going to try and resist the lure of duty-free but I doubt I will succeed. Wish me luck.


MissDisco said…
Is this a good substitute for the sadly discontinued Dior Illuminating thingymajig?
Cover Girl said…
Yes it is, it's much less sparkly and more moisturising but it does act like a primer.

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