Skin Laundry

I've waited a while to post about Skin Laundry. It's a 15 minute laser and light facial and I am in love with it.

I discovered it on my recent trip to NYC. My hotel (Parker Meredien) had a salon in the basement and I was duty-bound to give it a shot. The first treatment is free and after that it is £50 a facial but there are deals to make it cheaper.

You sign your life away and then they wipe your face (best to go with no make-up on) and then put a hairband on to stop your hair getting covered in gel. They then laser your face which doesn't hurt but feels slightly odd. You wonder what the smell is - oh, that's just the muck in your skin being vapourised. Then a layer of gel is applied and they apply IPL. Then the gel is scraped off, your skin is toned and they apply a moisturiser and you are on your way.

Read all about it here and don't ask me about the science. It's wonderfully fast, your skin looks fabulous afterwards and you can, if you choose, apply make up immediately.

Now the thing is, your skin really does look noticeably brighter and clear. My sister and I had them done together in NYC and spent the whole day obnoxiously looking in mirrors and admiring ourselves. I liked it so much, I had it done twice while I was there. That's the other thing, you can have this done every day should you be so inclined (and wealthy). They recommend once a week for a month and then once a month as maintenance. If you have troublesome skin, I reckon this would be a life saver. I have fairly well behaved skin and I love it, blackheads are gone and my skin looks even and glowy.

Today I had another one done at Liberty in London. Two days before Christmas. I must be mad. It was so busy in the shop and I was in a rather fractious mood. The treatment room I was led to was very nice and calm. The therapist was competent but lacking in any personality whatsoever. I am not being mean, honestly, she was like a robot. However, she did a good job and talked me into buying a package of five and then walked away in the middle of making my next appointment with no explanation or goodbye!

Liberty is the only place in the UK offering Skin Laundry but surely that will change since it's very popular and booked out weeks in advance. If you are in New York, it's worth investigating and the first one is free. You have nothing to lose!

Now excuse me while I go and gaze in a mirror.


Jenni said…
And I got back two hours ago. Arrgghhh! Would have LOVED to have tried this. Ah well, maybe next time I'm in London xxx
MissDisco said…
I had this done again at Libertys yesterday. The burning smell seemed much worse this time (I guess that one a month of Christmas celebrations does to you!) but my skin looks great today. I have already booked my next appointment!
Cover Girl said…
I agree, the burning smell on my London one was far worse, I also put it down to Christmas! Jenni, get it booked for London!
Jenni said…
I cannot wait! xxx

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