Christmas shopping

If you've not completed your shopping yet or you want a treat for yourself (entirely understandable) then here are my thoughts.

First up, my beloved Bobbi Brown. Someone please buy a city palette. They are beyond divine. I want all of them but if forced to choose, I'd pick London:

I also have loved the Bobbi Luxe lipstick this year. One of the few lippies I've found that don't dry my lips.

Nail polish - always a winner. OPI has a new Breakfast at Tiffany's collection. I admit to not being a fan of the film but it's iconic, no arguments from me there. I especially like this colour: Can't Read Without My Lipstick:

I also want YSL Rouge Pop Art. I've said it before but I like to repeat myself, YSL nail varnish is the easiest to apply for a perfect home manicure.

New perfume? Yes, always. I am taken with Jo Loves in Pomelo. Gorgeous bottle and as delightful as you would expect it to be.

I also want to try the Byredo Unnamed. Exactly what it sounds like, it has no name, you make your own up.

I don't think anyone would be disappointed in a Charlotte Tilbury palette. The Rebel makes my heart race with those gorgeous greens.

After all the parties and family get togethers, there is nothing better than a bubble bath and there are no finer oils than Aromatherapy Associates. All of them are wonderful but Relax does the job. Expensive but a little goes a long way.

You'll need a scented candle too. I adore Diptyque, you can't go wrong with this brand and it's always a treat to receive a candle. The Menthe Verte is refreshing and clears the head.

I shall be back with a specific skin care Christmas guide soon.


Jenni said…
I took the plunge with a YSL nail varnish yesterday, and you are, as always, absolutely bang on. I've never known a brush like it for easy and accurate application. Why can't all brushes be made like this?! xxx
Cover Girl said…
YSL is the Rolls Royce of nail varnish. I am also a big OPI fan as well. Very easy to apply. xx

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