Christmas skin part 2

Yesterday I discussed cleansing, exfoliating, serums and moisturisers as part of your daily routine. Today I am going to discuss the extras that make beauty fun. I think they make it fun, your mileage may vary.

First up, sheet masks! Unpacking one of these babies makes me giggle. Everyone looks like something out of a horror film in them but that's part of the joy. I have a friend who sends me a selfie via What's App whenever she is wearing one and it never fails to amuse me. I love a sheet mask. They are pretty cheap and perfect for jet lag. I always pack one when I am flying to use at the hotel when I land. Slap one on cleansed skin and relax for 15-20 mins. You can relax for longer if you like, no harm will come to you. Then when you're ready gently remove it and massage in the residue. I also wipe the mask over my hands for a hit of moisture and because I can't bear waste.

I've been using these for years and my absolute favourite used to be Oil of Olay but they seem to have stopped making them. Never mind, the market is crowded. Sephora do a fabulous line (and they ship to the UK). My favourite is Rose.

You can find dozens more on their site.

I also like Tony Moly and have used the Rice one. Again, you can see plenty of others to suit your skin type on that site.

When I was in Rome, the hotel was so fancy that the toiletries included a sheet mask! I didn't have time to use it on the trip so it came home with me but A for effort.

I also like eye masks and the Skyn Iceland ones seem to act like scaffolds to eye bags. I often use these when I don't have time for the full face mask. They don't leave residue on your face but tighten and firm which is what we all want, right?

I'm also a fan of the Bliss Triple Oxygen eye masks although they are expensive. These get wheeled out when things are really bad.

Moving on from sheet masks to the old fashioned face masks. I adore these, there is something so satisfying about applying a cool layer of gunk to your face and praying the doorbell doesn't ring.

Sometimes you just want a clay mask and the best one for me is by Clarins. It's very gentle and doesn't sting or irritate and it leaves skin feeling very soft and clean.

Other times you want moisture. Sisley Black Rose is the Rolls Royce of masks. I bought mine with reward points. I can't imagine ever shelling out hard cash for this but if you happen to get a sample or ask someone nicely near your birthday, you won't be sorry.

To perk up tired skin, I still like Bliss Triple Oxygen Mask. It has the added bonus of being really easy to wash off.

I could go on and on. I have my eye on the Bobbi Brown masks. I have some mini Caudalie ones that I adore.

At this time of year, I recommend holing yourself up and treating your skin but a tip from me, don't apply a face mask and then sink into a hot bath. I have done this more than once (I never learn) and ended up with a bright red face that took three hours to calm down!


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