Bath & Body Works

I went through a phase about ten years ago of loving this brand for the shower gels. Whenever I was in the US, I'd buy loads of it. Then I forgot about it. One of my dear friends has a 12 year old daughter and she recently discovered it and asked me to go in there on my trip to NYC to pick her up a body lotion.

In the intervening years it has become a teenage brand. I would describe it as the Victoria's Secret of beauty which is not a compliment. I do feel a little sad about it. It is immensely artificial, covering in sparkle and has names like Moonlight Path. Anyway, I picked up her lotion and realised that if I bought three things, one would be free. I can never resist a bargain so I got her the shower gel to go with and picked this up.

This has survived the years and it was always my favourite. It used to be simply called Cotton I think but hey ho. It smells exactly the same and this week I had a bath with it and it was divine. It's like wallowing in freshly laundered clothes. There is nothing else I want at Bath & Body Works but this is worth investigating should it cross your path.


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