Nail colour of the week

I return from lovely NYC with a box fresh manicure. It's a long time since someone did my nails for me and I had forgotten just how nice it is. While I am happy to do my own, it's good to have a professional shape them and sort the cuticles. I went to a great salon which was in the basement of the hotel I was staying in. It was one of the best manicures I've ever had.

The shop was a chain and brand I'd never heard over: ten over ten. On investigation I learn it was set up in Tribeca and is not 'trend-driven'. You can read more here if you're interested. For $25 the technician really laboured over my nails and took her time. I was very impressed.

I chose this colour which is called Carmine! Those who know me will know how amusing this is. It's described as a Hollywood red and it really is, I love it.

In other nail varnish news, I scoured Manhattan looking for OPI stockists since I had decided I wanted a particular colour. It's quite hard to find which surprised me. The trusty Duane Reade no longer have it. I eventually found it in Ricky's (which is beauty heaven, I adore that shop) and although they had hundreds, they didn't have the one I wanted. But, I discovered the Washington collection which is based on the TV show Scandal.

This shade is called Madam President but it is sold out everywhere. Oh, the irony. If only wearing the nail varnish is enough to make it happen. Because it was sold out, I wanted it even more. I ordered it yesterday from Amazon here in the UK.

I also picked up the colour I originally wanted (I'm Not Really A Waitress) at JFK.

I would describe this as Wizard of Oz red shoes, red. This picture does it no justice. Perfect for Christmas.


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