Emma Hardie Amazing Face

Hello! Have you missed me? I've been away for three weeks, 10 days with work in India and 10 days for fun in Oman. I have much beauty news to share with you, which include me caving at Dubai airport in the face of the Victoria Beckham for Estee Lauder range.

However, let's not rush matters. Today I want to discuss Emma Hardie. I have two products which I am loving. First up, the Moringa Cleansing Balm.

I got a generous sized pot of this in the Cult Beauty box. I took it on my travels and it's wonderful. It's immensely soothing, it has an oil-based texture rather than being a cream. You rub it over your face and remove with a hot cloth. You emerge looking dewy and fresh as a daisy. And I really tested this theory with way too much wine, late nights, hot weather etc. This balm atones for all that. I don't love the packaging, I would prefer a travel-friendly tube. Nonetheless, it's a great cleansing balm and perfect for the colder weather as it's very comforting.

To get the above mentioned Cult Beauty box, I had to spend some money. One of the things I bought was the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Protect and Prime.

With an SPF of 30, one can expect a certain chalkiness but no, this stuff truly is amazing. It is the best facial SPF cream I have found. It sinks in like a dream with no stinging and it smells like heaven. Oh yes, and it works. Always handy to know. Cover Boy was instructed to put some on (why do men think it's ok to use normal SPF in spray format on their face?) and he was a convert. Which was a bit unfortunate, I had to ration it somewhat.

You can put your make-up on over it with no adverse effects. I highly recommend it if you are jetting off somewhere hot. Speaking of which, Oman was so hot. I've never been anywhere so relentlessly hot. 40 degrees every day. We escaped into the mountains where it was a much more comfortable 25 degrees. In 40 degree heat, this stuff worked a treat. You can't ask for more than that.

I have no idea who Emma is but I applaud her for these two products. I shall be exploring more in her range in due course.


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