L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil Cream

I have a lot of beauty products, boxes of them. Moisturisers for every day of the week. How did I end up on my recent travels with a moisturiser deficit? I had my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser which is all well and dandy but not enough for a hot and dry climate. I didn't have a good night cream on me. ROOKIE ERROR!

With every cloud comes a silver lining in the form of a shopping opportunity. I rocked up at Bangalore airport ready to buy some luxe moisturiser. Hmmmm, not all duty-free shops are created equal. I've been spoiled by Heathrow's shopping. Bangalore has a new airport and it has a lot of shops but weirdly it's all about perfume. It only had L'Oreal moisturisers and so I picked up this Extraordinary Oil Cream. You can see from my link it costs £10 in the UK. Yeah, I had to pay way more than that. I am blanking on how much because it was quite traumatising. Needs must and all that. You don't go to the desert of Oman with a light moisturiser.

The good news is I love it. It has a gorgeous velvety texture, it smells really nice, it glides on and makes you glow with good moisturising health without being sticky. It's a winner folks! I am continuing to use it at home which is a sign of how much I rate it. If you're looking for a good budget night cream (don't go to Bangalore to get it) then this is perfect. It's not marketed as a night cream but that's what I used it for.


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