Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream

As a rule, I don't believe in eye creams. They are expensive and to my mind, you can moisturise round your eyes with your normal cream - job done. To sell you eye cream, beauty consultants will say it's a 'delicate area' and that normal moisturisers are 'too heavy and will drag the skin'. I call this utter nonsense. Are you applying lard to the rest of your face? No. Moisturisers don't drag for heaven's sake.

I've never bought an eye cream yet somehow I have ended up with little pots and tubes of samples which I've occasionally used and it's confirmed my above opinion. Waste of time.

However, rules are made to be broken. I decided to buy this months ago and I haven't blogged about it because I forgot. I bought this because I like the idea of soothing the skin around my eye area and I must have been caught on a very tired day when your eyes feel so exhausted that you can barely stand to open them. And I admit, I was a sucker for the name and packaging. Clinique do this so well.

I don't use it every day because I am quite lazy but I do believe this works. I've taken to applying it in the morning (before moisturiser - I read that this is important with eye creams otherwise you end up putting it on top of moisturiser and it can't work properly). I put quite a thick layer on and then go about my morning routine, then I come back and add my moisturiser and I find the thick layer seems to have always absorbed. The skin does feel plumper and the cream has a lovely soothing feel to it. Also, it's great for long flights when your eyes really do need some help.

I must face the fact that in my mid-40s perhaps I do need to pay more attention to my eyes. This is not massively expensive (£22.00) and you can usually get some sort of free gift from Clinique.

They've now introduced a whole range of pep-starts.

They look divine, the packaging is brilliant. However, on closer investigation it's all very lightweight and probably aimed at the younger crowd.


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