Victoria Beckham for Estee Lauder

I am typing this with a mouthful of humble pie. I've always found VB annoying and fairly mediocre. And I've been vocal in my opinion of her. However, as I get older and more Yoda-like, I find myself uncomfortable with being mean about women I've never met. Who I am to criticise VB, Charlotte Tilbury, Nicole Kidman (and many, many more I've vilified over the years)? I am not yet ready to be 100% kind about Kim Kardashian but I will hold my tongue more. We don't know the struggles these multi-millionaires go through every day, do we?! Sisterhood and all that.

I was intrigued by this collection. I much prefer VB as a fashion designer than a pop star and I am fully bought into the notion that she might know a thing or two about make-up. It took me a while to get my hands on this because it's not at all Estee Lauder counters. My flight back from Dubai this week provided me with the opportunity to check it out. What could be more perfect than shopping high-end make-up at Dubai airport? They had it all out to play with and nobody was hovering around me trying to help me. I also wasn't encumbered by TeenBoy (whose patience on such matters is not extensive) since he was buying smoked almonds (yum!)

There I was in my element playing with it all on the back of my hand. It is with regret that I have to report it's really bloody nice. I could have happily bought more than one thing except it's not cheap. It's Tom Ford prices and having just spent a small fortune on our holiday, I felt obliged to rein it in.

I purchased an eye foil in Burnt Anise. It has a lip gloss type applicator and it's all shiny (even after it dries). The texture is perfection. I must say it's not the easiest to master and just swiping it on from the applicator causes one to look like a clown. I use a brush to draw a line on and then smudge gently. I could do with more tips on how to work with it to be honest but I love the idea of it and am pleased I got it.

Today I explored the collection more in Selfridges and I can confirm I really badly want this.

The Modern Mercury highlighter. I've never been one for highlighters but this is good. Easy to apply without overdoing it and very subtle. Damn. It also seems to be sold out online and now I wish I'd got it in Dubai when it was all cheaper too. The eye foil is £40 and I got it for £30.

The lipsticks are lovely too - both very wearable colours. The eye metals (eyeshadows) are gorgeous. The Morning Aura illuminating cream is very silky and covetable but expensive for something I'd canter through.

I imagine VB in one of her many mansions with this whole collection at her dressing table and I seethe with envy. That's how nice it all is. My show of envy is to prove I've not gone totally soft. Fair play VB.


Jenni said…
Love it!! I had hoped these would get good reviews, so am so happy you caved! I have just had my makeup overhauled after a Bobbi Brown appt and a Charlotte Tilbury appt. So I won't be getting any VB yet, but I have to share my finds with you. Never experienced CT before. The makeup artist was v knowledgeable, ex BB and was happy to compare and contrast products (I, as always, took my current make up bag with me, after Arianne Poole said I should always do that, to incorporate my existing investments. And so far, I haven't found a beauty consultant who hasn't responded with respect to that move!). CT magic cream, whilst beautiful, was just too much for me to justify. However I bought the double-ended eye stick as it miraculously vanished my bags. I also bought the highlighter/bronzer due not least because the packaging is divine! But it's also a fab duo; the highlighter is so subtle, so no chance of overdoing it. And I got a gloss. Haven't bought a lipgloss in years, but this one is a beauty. And after a week, I have just ordered their light touch foundation, as after wearing it around London for a whole day, I have to admit its staying power, with dewey finish is amazing. As for BB, am v impressed with the Nude Illuminating finishing powder. It definitely air brushed me. But my final purchase, which I have to tell you about, is only half related to BB. As you know, I've been on the eternal search for a mascara which doesn't give me panda eyes after 2 hours. Apparently my eye shape and eyelash length means I will always will have a black shadow I have to wipe away every couple of hours. Until now. I read about the CD maximiser 3D - a lash primer - a few weeks ago, and hears it basically makes mascara stick to your lashes. Last weekend I got hold of some (careful to get the 3D version, not just the basic maximiser), and have worn it for 5 days solid. I am happy to say, it takes at least a life-changing 6 hours before I'm seeing mascara panda eyes. It is transformational. And combined with BB no smudge mascara, I have had my happiest mascara week in 24 years (yes I worked out how many years I've been wearing mascara!). It's just wonderful. xx
Cover Girl said…
That all sounds wonderful. I like CT make-up but I don't think the magic cream is worth the money to be honest so think you made the right decision. Re mascara - delighted you found your answer but can I also recommend tubing mascara as I have the exact same problem and buying one was life-changing. I have the Clinique Lash Power.

I do love a good make-over but I fear taking my make-up bag (which I don't possess) would be like taking a fork lift truck behind me! xx
Jenni said…
What is this tubing mascara you speak of?! This is new and mysterious to me! xxx
Jenni said…
OK, i've just googled it. Off to the online shops I go again...
Cover Girl said…
I can't believe you are new to tubing mascara. I'd never be without it. Life-changing! xx

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