Gimme Gimme Gimme ... some Autumn make-up

My one loyal reader (ok, I know there are more of you but she actually comments - thanks Jenni!) asked me what was rocking my world for Autumn. As always, I am very excited about Autumn make-up and trying to restrain myself. First up, the Bobbi Brown city collection. Let us feast our eyes.

 I want all these compacts. They are beautiful. The London one perhaps pips them because of the navy shadow. I do love a bit of blue.

Also, limited edition gel eyeliner. Oh my. Read more about them here.
I also don't know how much longer I can go without a cushion foundation and Bobbi has one.

Lightweight and easy to apply. Let me at it.

Chanel nail varnish. Reformulated so it no longer chips as easily. I've not tried it yet because I think we all know about my nail varnish addiction.

But my will just weakened.

Chanel has some gorgeous limited edition make-up. Click here to see more. Don't say I didn't warn you.

If I needed more perfume, I'd be all over this.

Charlotte Tilbury has a new perfume. I have a sample. It's lovely and worth investigating.

If I won the lottery, I'd buy all the Bobbi palettes. I just want them on my dressing table!


Jenni said…
First of all, thank you! I feel famous! And thank you for all the blogging you do. As you know, I love it. As for the above, I shall take them in order:
1. Bobbi Brown. I am a fan, as you know. I had already booked a makeup refresh (an annual ritual, with various brands normally) for the first week in October, and I cannot WAIT for it! The Paris compact had me at hello, the chocolate eyeliner looks divine, and yes to the foundation. I shall report back after my appointment.
2. Chanel reformulated long-wear nail varnish. Yes!! I bought, two weeks ago, I bought Mythique (, and did a very careful manicure myself (using the CND basecoat you recommended, which you and spot on about - it's the best I've ever used). Anyway, after 4 days of hard wear (typing, washing up, gardening - with gloves on, putting bins out etc), it began to chip. Four days!! normally a Chanel colour lasts a party! That's it! And I've worn it once more again. Really impressed, and just so happy I can now restock my old Chanel varnishes with the formulation that actually makes them worth buying. I am now in love again with this brand of nail varnish.
3. Jo Malone, it's utterly beautiful, isn't it?
Charlotte Tilbury - I look forward to sniffing this when I visit for my second make up update of the season on Oct 15th at 10am in Covent Garden!
Cover Girl said…
I love that you have two appts lined up. Excellent planning. The CT in Covent Garden is a joy. If I was around on 15 Oct, I'd come along and say hello (and nosey at what you buy) but I shall be in Oman. That Chanel nail colour is gorgeous *sits on hands*

Enjoy the consultations. I look forward to the report back. And thank you for commenting! xx
Sally said…
I am very tempted by that ltd edn Bobbi Brown gel liner, it must be said. What a beautiful pot.
Can you recommend me a navy eyeliner? I seem to remember you are also a fan. My very favourite was Shu Uemura's gel pot because it had absolutely no sparkle and was almost black, but they have discontinued this colour. Everything else I look at seems to shimmer or be too blue. Can you help?

Cover Girl said…
Hi Sally. The Clinique Quickliner in Intense Midnight might be a good option? I don't have it but I have other Quickliners and they are good.

Marc Jacobs gel eyeliners also look good and get rave reviews. Try Wavelnegth:

I use Cobalt Ink by BB: together with Rich Navy eyeshadow:

Finally the Urban Decay liners are an old favourite. Sabbath looks like it's matte with no shimmer:

Happy shopping!

Jenni said…
Oh how I'm loving this thread!! Xxx
Cover Girl said…
I forgot to mention Victoria Beckham. I am not a fan but I am intrigued by her make up range for Estee Lauder and it's worth a look:
MissDisco said…
1. I'm a bit meh about the Bobbi Brown bits. I don't really get palettes and can't do eyeliner
2. Lovely Chanel polish colours but not really my thing
3. Jo Malone perfume so on my wish list
4. Charlotte Tilbury perfume - was only so so about it when I tried it the other day
5. Victoria Beckham make up? Give me strength

So, all in all ... many thanks for a post that won't leave me bankrupt!
Cover Girl said…
The VB make-up does look good. It pains me to say it but it just does. The primer looks amazeballs (although expensive).
Sally said…
Lovely choices, thank you. I think the Cobalt Ink might be the winner - I have a Bobbi Brown Denim Ink and for some reason I thought that was the only choice for navy.
Jenni said…
Have you been able to look at the VB range yet? Am intrigued by the eye foil and the highlighter xxx
Cover Girl said…
Please report back!
Cover Girl said…
Not yet, might have the opportunity to do so tomorrow! xx
Sally said…
I was in John Lewis and looked at the Clinique yesterday and I love the texture but it has some shimmer! Charlotte Tilbury is a slightly sludgy navy. I liked the Bobbi Brown but I wondered about staying power: I went to look at Mac's Fluid line as well, remembered it is too blue for what I want but missed the formulation.
Will go to House of Fraser this week and check out Marc Jacobs. I have a bit of my old Shu Uemura one left so becoming more urgent but not desperate yet!
Sally said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Cover Girl said…
Sally - it's a nice dilemma to have!

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