Other Stories beauty

I am a bit obsessed with Other Stories. The clothes are Scandi cool and much less of a challenge than Cos can be. The pricing is between H&M and Cos. Not everything is fabulous of course but the silk shirts are excellent value and I bought a summer dress there last year that I wear all the time. It's my favourite dress ever.

I have explored the beauty offerings so you don't have to. My verdict is the make-up is fun but I wouldn't advise exploring too much unless you are on a very tight budget or in your 20s. The quality is what you expect for the price you pay. However, the shower gels are lovely and a total bargain.

I have the three above. They are £5, the packaging is perfectly acceptable and they all smell much more expensive than they are. Even my extra fussy Cover Boy happily uses them and he even commented on how nice Havana Blues is. The online ordering is brilliant by the way, fast, efficient and nicely parcelled. Recommended.


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