Evo Root Canal Style Spray

I am having something of a hair crisis. About a month or so ago I had another Brazilian Blow Dry. I didn't really want to have it but I'd already paid for it. Since I'd had my hair chopped, I didn't really see the need. Anyway, I had it done and since then my hair has gone lankBrazilians really only suit long hair. I have no body. Driving me mad it is. I am patiently waiting for the stupid treatment to break down and wash away and am actively seeking shampoos with all the sulphur nastiness I can find.

In the meantime, I went to my hairdresser today for a cut and colour. The problem with shorter hair? It grows out faster. Layers require maintenance. Anyway, he used this little baby on my hair: Evo Root Canal. And it's excellent. Unfortunately they had sold out (always a sign of something good) and so I had to order some online when I got home. The good thing about any beauty crisis is that it's a reason to buy more products to solve the problem.

Silver linings and all that.


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