Maybelline Colour Tattoo Cream Gel Shadow

You know how I am obsessed with eye make-up? Well, I read about these 24 hour eye tattoos and just had to try them.

The great thing about Maybelline is it's so cheap, it hardly matters if you end up using it twice and chucking it out. Not that I condone filling up our landfills so I usually try and find a teenager to give my experiment buys to.  However, this I am impressed with. Basically you apply it and it stays put all day long. Properly stays put, no smudging and fading. I got Tenacious Teal and have been using it as an eyeliner with my fabulous MAC Flat Definer brush (which everyone needs, it turns all your eyeshadow into eyeliner). I am looking forward to experimenting further, look at the model on the page:

I reckon I could pull that look off! She has to be wearing coloured contact lens, right? It comes in 10 shades although my local Boots only had about four. I like the look of Bad to the Bronze and Edgy Emerald. These are great summer fun and at £4.99 each, worth a go. 


MissDisco said…
It stays on all day? Really? And it comes off ok with regualr eye make-up remover? I'm intrigued. I might have to buy
Cover Girl said…
It stayed on mine all day looooong. Yes, usual eye make up remover although I've still to find the perfect product for shovelling off my copious amounts of mascara!
Anonymous said…
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