Liz Earle make-up

Liz Earle is one of those brands you know is good for you but is frankly a bit dull. I think the packaging is tedious and although I know people rave about Cleanse and Polish, I can't quite be bothered with it. However, Sali Hughes gave the new make-up range such a great review a few weeks ago, I decided to investigate.

There is a huge Liz Earle just off Kings Rd and it's a beautiful shop, the perfect place for a browse. The make-up range is small which I like. On Sali's recommendation, I looked at the cream blush first. The texture on this is the best I've ever seen, it literally glides and blends like a dream. I could have bought two or three but in the end plumped for Coral. I will definitely be buying more of these as they are foolproof.

I was intrigued to read about the mascara base, it claims to make your lashes look thicker and longer. You can use it under any mascara. For £10, it was worth a go. What I have noticed the most is not that it makes my lashes look longer (nothing makes them look longer in my opinion, your lashes are a set length) but that it reduces smudging. I get a lot of smudging with mascara as the day wears on. I've tried everything but always resemble a panda by the end of the day. This reduces that. It doesn't eliminate it but there is improvement. Plus, yes, it makes lashes look thicker.

I was also impressed with the eye pencils especially the Golden Bronze. I didn't buy it but only because it was the same day as the Bliss pedicure and various other expenditures and I decided to try and be sensible. I am regretting it and will return. It's a gorgeous colour.  I also liked the look of the lip glosses.

All in all, I am impressed and the simplicity of the range is very appealing. I also got to choose a sample of a skincare product and choose this exfoliator. It's excellent and smells divine and so I am recommending that too!

All in all, a success. Perfect make-up for the natural 'no make-up' ladies.


MissDisco said…
I have the blush in 'rose' - I got it a few weeks ago (also after reading about it in The Guardian) and love it

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