Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil

I have a new love. Oil. Well, actually I've been enjoying oil-based products for a while but pure oil on your face? It's a leap of faith but one I am very pleased I've made.

Last week I bought one of the Clarins facial oils having heard a lot of buzz. I was with my sister who said she wanted one and so it was a done deal as we sidled our way up to the Clarins counter. We had a delightfully helpful lady who explained there were different types depending on your skin. I went with the Combination/Oily one because the others were Very Dry or Dehydrated and I had a slight fear of applying oil designed for very dry skin.

You can mix it into your usual night cream (this is not a day treatment) or apply as is. I've been applying alone to get the measure of it. It smells absolutely divine. It's full of essential oils and I can't describe how heavenly it is; like you're in a high-end spa. You don't need much at all, just one or two drops. Warm it in your palms and then just press on to cleansed skin. That's it. It sinks in so you don't look like a greased up turkey ready for roasting.

I really am loving it and at £29, it's good value as I can see it lasting a long time. Recommended.


yunims said…
Glad to stop by your blog and see the various beauty products.
I really like the one for dry/extra dry skin, it smells of cardamom!
Jenni said…
I am very intrigued. Have been in love with my Origins oil cleanser ever since I bought it, so I think I'll be trying this too. x
Cover Girl said…
I am still loving this.
MissDisco said…
It's official. I adore this and am annoyed that I haven't been using it for years!
This website is the most excellent website.

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