Rediscovering old loves

I was rooting around my make-up the other week and came across this little treasure. Nepal eyeshadow by Nars. I bought this about four years ago while having a SpaceNK makeover and wore it loads at the time and then something new and flashy came along and caught my eye. I decided to use it and wow - I'd forgotten how versatile this is. It's a perfect base colour, you can put a little bit on and then layer lashings of eyeliner and it's an effortless day time look.

It's slightly shimmery but not too much so and it stays put all day long. I am delighted to see it's still available. I love Nars make up, I might have to reinvestigate as I've not looked for ages.

By the way, I don't believe in this throwing away old make-up rule unless it's mascara. It's a ruse to make us buy more. Like I need any encouragement!


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