Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask - review

I mentioned I wanted this a week or so ago. Well, that want turned into an obsession as seemingly every magazine I opened was reviewing it. I had £50 in John Lewis vouchers and decided if I put them towards the cost, it wouldn't be quite so extravagant. Yesterday I hot-footed it to Peter Jones and bought it. They had a 10% off all toiletries offer on too. So the total I had to pay out was £29. Yes, told you it was expensive.

The very nice lady asked me the magic question: "Would you like any samples?" Does anyone ever say no to this? Here is what she gave me:

Here is what was in that pouch:

10 samples! I was astounded but very grateful.

To the mask, what's it like? Well, I put some on after my long bath yesterday. You leave it on for 10-15 mins and then simply wipe off excess with a cotton pad. I hadn't realised this when I got it and had I known I may have had second thoughts as I am a fan of masks that require rinsing off because I think they work better on my skin. My verdict is it's lovely. It smells gorgeous and it rehydrates your skin. I wasn't too wild about just removing excess with a cotton pad as I did feel quite sticky for a few hours afterwards but after about four hours, my skin felt softer and plumper than it has done for ages. This would be a great post-flight mask.

Is it worth over £80? Well, it's a tricky one. I honestly am not sure it's any better than the Olay masks. It's obviously more luxurious etc but in terms of performance, I'd have to use it a few more times to give a rounded verdict. I can say that it's not as good as their Radiance mask.

The samples almost made it worth the spend though! I've always wanted to try their hand cream and now I have two sachets.


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nice opinion.. thanks for sharing...

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