Best hotel toiletries ever

I've been away with work and spent a few nights in Palm Springs. Usually work hotels are very corporate, nice and comfortable but not somewhere you would choose for yourself. This hotel was very different - the Parker Palm Springs - it was beautiful and funky. The rooms were divine and imagine my joy when I saw the toiletries. I was so excited, I took a photo of them to share.

Penhaligans shampoo and conditioner, Molten Brown very large shower gel/bubble bath and best of all Hermes soap. Also, loving the lip salve since you are in the desert, you need it. So what did I do? I forgot to bring it home with me. ROOKIE ERROR! Am kicking myself about the Hermes soap. Ho hum.


sockhop said…
Wow very luxurious things! But it's allowed to carry with you! :-)) I will definitely take them! LOl at the end of the day they are there to use!!!
Malinda Arab said…
Finest brands of toiletries – one the things I look forward to when checking-in in a five-star hotel. The room rates may be expensive, but the food, view, amenities and experience are worth all your expenses. And yes, you can carry those fine toiletries home, right? ;-) Malinda Arab @ The Ship Inn

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