My New York City awesome blow dry

I was in New York the other week staying with a friend of mine. I arrived somewhat jaded, with a cold I'd had for days and on the red eye from LA. Let's just say, I wasn't at my most gorgeous. My first day was taken up with shopping. My second day still involved shopping but we were also meeting in the evening for cocktails and dinner in the funky meatpacking district. I walked past a mirror, saw my hair and decided Something Had To Be Done. It was while I was in Origins buying Christmas presents I had this realisation so I asked them where the nearest hair salon was. They directed me to Aveda just round the corner.

I used to adore Aveda. They definitely had a moment in the late 90s as being the place to get your hair care products. However, I hadn't investigated it for some time. Needs must and all that, I high-tailed it there and asked if they could squeeze me in for a blow dry (or a blow out as the Americans call it much to my amusement) and of course, they said yes.

Up I went to the very fancy salon (I was on Spring St - one of the hippest streets in Manhattan) to be met  by my stylist. It's clearly impossible to work in Manhattan unless you are the coolest cat in town, she was no exception however it emerged she was from Hull. Really, I go all the way to New York, decide to splurge on a blow dry and my stylist is from Hull? I had to laugh.

She started by offering me a choice of three oils for my scalp massage. I picked peppermint, she massaged it into my dry hair and it was heavenly. Then she shampooed and conditioner very thoroughly. Then someone came over and gave me a hand massage which was very lovely but I had just had a manicure so a little redundant. Oh, and I was given a delicious cup of liquorice tea. She asked what I wanted and I said BIG HAIR! Forgive me but I was in Manhattan, I wanted Fifth Avenue bounce. Most hairdressers really struggle drying my hair and it ends up being too flat. This is a bug bear of mine, I don't want flat, ironed hair. It doesn't suit me and it's too Atomic Kitten for my liking. But the lady from Hull understood! She gave me the most awesome blow dry - she really put herself into it, volume lotions, hair spray and pulling that brush up rather than out. It was fabulous. If I say so myself, my hair looked better than it's ever looked. If only I could have that sort of blow dry twice a week, I'd be sorted. When I am mega-rich, I am doing that.

The point of this post was to tell you about the hair spray she used. I never thought I could be swayed away from Elnett but we have a new upstart; Air Control.

She used loads of this. I was a bit worried as too much product makes one's hair greasy the next day but this didn't. It was very light and yet just gave the hair flexibility. I bought a little travel can and have been using it and it's a revelation. You can read about it here. It also smells yummy. I've put it on my Christmas wish list as a full-sized can costs £16. I don't know why I've decided to be frugal after the Sisley mask but hey ho!

So I bounced out of there, hair a-swinging and sashayed off for cocktails. Life felt good. Life always feels good when your hair looks good. True Fact.

By contrast today my hair looks a complete mess. My roots need doing (roll on Wednesday!) and it needs washing but I am seeing my personal trainer so no point washing it before seeing her. In breaking news, I am getting a keratin treatment the week after next. Expect full reporting back.


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