Monday, 28 June 2010

All hail my new Chanel perfume

On Friday I decided to just bite the bullet and buy Bois des Iles, the exclusive Chanel perfume I've wanted for ages and ages.

They only sell it in Selfridges London and stand-alone Chanel shops. I've posted about this before so I won't repeat myself.

I bought it. And the Chanel woman said to me: "Would you like to try any others?"

Yes, a Chanel woman offered me samples. I was so taken aback by this unprecedented offer that I didn't take full advantage and say "yes, ALL of them!" and just stuttered something about No 22. The samples are divine. And you get a sample of the one you buy to put in your handbag. Of course ideally it would be in my 2.55 handbag but I'm working on that.

For this historic moment I am going to share more than one photo.

The samples:

Close up of sample:

Today's nail colour

I bought a new nail varnish as I had my hen night on Saturday and I just didn't have quite the right purple in my nail varnish collection. You know how it is.

So I would have bought Bermuda Shorts by Essie if I could have found it but alas, it wasn't to be. So I got Plugged in Purple by Opi. It's very nice - a sort of electric purple but Opi colours are not as easy to apply as Essie. I won through nonetheless.

By the way, the Opi site is lots of fun. You can pick colours and they show it on a fake hand and you can pick the nail length and skin tone. I spent literally minutes playing with it.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Today's nail colour

The quest for the wedding colour continues. Today's is Big Spender by Essie. Very nice purple, like it a lot but it's a no. It's not quite right. Good work colour though.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Wedding make-over

Today I went to Space NK to have a make over. I didn't book it, just went in and asked. I am going to list everything they used, and more importantly, how much it was so we can all have a giggle.

Firstly she had to remove the make-up I had on. For this:

Flower infused cleansing milk - £47
Pure rosewater - £44
Vital Essence - £75

Then she put on a cream:
Firming face cream - £77

Ready to make-up:
Tinted moisturiser - £55
Bio-lift under eye concealer - £57 (as pictured above and it was amazing)
Face powder - £50
4 different eye shadows - £23 each
Mascara - £31
Blusher - £23
Lipstick - £26.50

She used this brush (£23), and this one (£25) and this one (£30) and this one (£64) and this one (£30).

This comes to a total of £749.50. I said thank you very much and left without spending a penny.

Looking fabulous of course. Might try Bobbi Brown next which will feel like Walmarts in comparison...

Thursday, 17 June 2010

This week's nail colour

So I face a dilemma. The mother of all dilemmas. What nail varnish to wear on my wedding day? It goes without saying I am not going for a french manicure (urgh, a pet peeve) or some anonymous bridal pale pink. No, I plan to have nails that you know are there.

So every week I am trying a different colour to find the right one. This week's choice is Garnet by Essie.

Marks: 6/10
Yeah, it's not going to happen. Nice colour and all but a bit of a dull red I think.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

A few things I am loving

My friend bought me some Opi nail oil a few months ago. And it is wonderful stuff. It smells divine and it makes your nails healthier and softens cuticles. I highly recommend it.

Also, I am going to contradict myself. I always used to think it wasn't worth spending much money on shampoo and conditioner. Well, I have changed my mind since using the L'Oreal Professional range for coloured hair. This really has made a big difference to my hair. It makes it softer. I've just ordered this special pack.

Still loving my Chanel lipstick...

Monday, 7 June 2010

Another day, another shower gel

When I heard Lush finally had a new shower gel out and it wasn't a stupid jelly or solid (i.e. a soap) or in any way a gimmick and was simply a straightforward shower gel, off I went to investigate.

Grass. Hmmm, I thought. Typical Lush and their madcap ways. But then I smelt it. Now let's face it, who doesn't like the smell of freshly mown grass? This is really a lovely shower gel, deeply green and fresh. It makes a fab bubble bath. It's what Lush do very, very well. Perfect for the summer.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Oil - the new wonder product?

I've been having a love-in with oil recently. Firstly Bio Oil, then my Origins oil-based cleanser (loving it by the way) and today I bought an oil-based shower gel. Just a cheap Nivea one in Boots as a post-work treat.

Had a shower when I got in to road test it. It's not normal how excited I get by new products. Anyway, it's very nice in terms of texture and feeling on skin but I was under-whelmed by the scent. I like to be able to really smell my shower gels. This is very blah. Still, for a few quid, it's worth a shot for the summer.

Also, I now have four Masterpiece Max mascaras lined up, unopened. You know, in case there is a world shortage or something...


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