L'Oreal Telescopic mascara

You meet someone with amazingly long eyelashes, you ask them if they just have amazingly long eyelashes or whether they have found the holy grail of mascaras. None of them ever say 'well yes, I am blessed with amazing eyelashes.' They modestly blush and say 'well, I do use xxx mascara' I rush out and buy xxx mascara and sigh heavily.

This, my friends is what brings us to today's mascara review.

It's nothing special whatsoever. The search continues. In the meantime my favourite is still Max Factor Masterpiece Max.


Rebecca said…
Have you tried Dior Show? It's been my favourite for years - but it still doesn't stop me searching for something even better! ;-)
Happy New Year!
Pricey but Dior Show is amazing.

Cover Girl said…
I've not tried that one - I will add it to my list. Thanks!
Kate said…
Diorshow is nice, but if you don't want/like a big fat brush, avoid it, seriously it's like an inch & a quarter long! I actually *do* have naturally very long lashes, but i like mine to be uber long...like Ru Paul so i use L'oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black. I also find the benefit BAD Gal mascara in Plum really really good for lengthening too.
Cover Girl said…
That is a helpful hint as I don't like giant brushes!
Kate said…
Hmmn the Bad Gal brush is the same size as the Diorshow brush so you probably won't like it. The voluminous brush is about an inch long, but not fat.
Claire said…
I'm afraid I just naturally have long eyelashes and people are always massively disappointed when I say that! I do love MaxFactor Masterpiece Max, though.

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