John Frieda Precision Foam Colour

Now I don't do home hair colour. This is not me being a snob (well, it's only a little bit me being a snob), it's mainly because I am hopeless at it. The bathroom looks like an abattoir, I ruin towels and bath mats, my neck and ears go brown, I get patchy results as my hair is too thick to ensure I can actually apply it properly. Total disaster.

So for the last 10 years or so I have had my hair coloured by a hairdresser. Yes, it is more expensive but I get a permanent colour so they only do the roots and it means every single hair gets coloured. However, I was in Boots yesterday and this caught my eye. A foam colour. No dripping they say. Easy to apply and covers all grey they say.

I remain sceptical so I thought I'd ask you all if anyone had tried it and had any feedback? The website is fun - you can put in your hair colour, say how much grey you have and they give you a selection of colours they think will suit you.


Laura said…
Reminds me of the VO5 colour mousses from back in the day...
I know another blogger chum who used it and her hair looked incredible.

Cover Girl said…
Thank you both. Keep the comments coming people!
MissDisco said…
I bought this at the weekend to do my hair; they totally sold me on the foam, non drip claim! I will report back when I've used it
MissDisco said…
So, I used this yesterday. I have to say that I've never found other colourants that hard to apply so I did approach this with a 'hmmmm, so what attitude', but the foamy non drip claim intrigued me. Also, I really only bought it coz I'm a sucker for anything new and anything sold at a reduced price!
Anyway, here's a few thoughts on it:
Firstly, the mixing of the solutions seemed all wrong. They stress you gently tilt the botlle only 5 times and as I am used to having to shake the bottle vigorously for at least an hour this felt all wrong. But, it seemed to be all mixed after just the 5 'tilts'.
Secondly, it is certainly a foam. Lots and lots of foam! I don't have long hair at all - a chin length bob however I DO have quite a lot of hair and I normally find that there is only just enough solution in my usual product. There was foam galore here which I was most impressed with.
Thirdly, it was very easy to apply. As I said before I didn't think I had issues applying other colours but having now used this one I realise how much easier it was to apply, especially on the back of my head.
Fourthly, the non drip claim is very true. I usually end up dripping a bit onto the (well covered) bathroom floor as I apply it and then having some dripping down my neck whilst I wait for it to develop but in this case it stayed on my head without moving at all.
And finally, the colour. Which is great. I have dark brown hair and I chose a chocolate brown colour so I haven't had a drastic change in colour. It is beautifully shiny and this morning one of my lovely neices even commented on how shiny it looked.
So, in conclusion I like it a lot and will be beetleing out t get some more from Boots whilst it is at the reduced price!
Cover Girl said…
Thank you for that very thorough review. xxx

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