Kindle love

Why am I writing about my new Christmas present? It's not beauty related. Aha, but I have managed to combine my love of gadgets with my love of shopping by buying The Book in Kindle form. This means whenever I shop and I smell a perfume, I can immediately look it up! Me, a geek? Never!

Watch out bank balance. I think I need a perfume declutter actually before I go and sniff some more.

Anyway, since we're here talking about Kindles, I can report that I love it. It's so dinky and easy to use. You can get loads of classics for free and this means I have no excuse, I will read Anna Karenina. I shall do so while wearing red lipstick and an elegant hat. Rather like a Mad Men character.


Sally said…
I also have Anna Karenina in my to-read list on the Kindle. Perhaps we should have a red-lipsticked book challenge. I feel like I need a chaise longue to do it justice, though.

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