Eye palettes - j'adore

I have a weakness for an eye palette. I don't know what it is - I think it's the combination of pretty colours all together and the possibilities contained within. Oh if I just have that eye palette, I too will have gorgeous eyes and look effortlessly chic... so the thinking goes.

This month's Red magazine has a list of the best beauty buys, I shall post more on this at a later date. And they recommend Dior eye palettes as the best eye shadow. I found myself in Westfield this week and so I went to have a little look. Dior make-up has never really been on my radar before. But the eye palettes are amazing. So beautiful and perfect colours. However, they are £39. Seeing as I do have a rather large eye shadow collection and I am still enjoying my Bobbi Brown eye shadows, sanity prevailed. So I pored over them all for a while and reluctantly walked away into Boots.

There I walked past Bourjois which had eye palettes for a rather more reasonable £6. Three eyeshadows instead of five but one can't have everything. Also, I have been told many times that Chanel make Bourjois make-up do you are hardly slumming it if you choose this over Dior. It was enough to sate my desire for an eye palette without spending silly money. Also, they currently have a 3 for 2 offer on. I did just buy one though - the grey set. You can check out the colours here.

I am very impressed with it. It applies beautifully (as long as you have the right brushes - why do they even bother giving you those stupid sponge things?) and lasts for hours. I wore the smoky eye to my Christmas party on Friday night and no smudging at all. Impressive.

I recommend it. If you have the money and buy the Dior set (or already have it), please do tell me what you think as I still have my eye on it... excuse the pun.

Also, as I was googling for the Dior set to show you, I found this. How divine. Christian Dior* me indeed.

*Best line in a song from Evita.


Catanya said…
Goregous palettes!!
I aprticularly adore the last one! So cute!
New follower here, XOXO
Cover Girl said…
I really feel I need that last one. Welcome!
Oh. My I HAVE to have that palette. Just beautiful.

Claretta said…
I have the Bourjois palette and love it! Particulalry the grey colour which I use as my eyeliner every single day.
Jenni said…
Am in love with the Dior eye palette. Which code/name is the one pictured please? ta xx

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