Mint Julep Masque

Regular readers will know I have a weakness for face masks. I love them, you apply them, relax and 15 minutes later your complexion looks better. They are the ultimate beauty product for the lazy ones amongst us.

I read about Queen Helene's Mint Julep mask on the Sali Hughes forum.* It had rave reviews and it's cheap. Praise the lord, I have found something that works miracles and is cheap. I thought a lifetime of Chanel skincare was inevitable. It costs just £5.79 on Amazon for a big tube.

Does it work? It says it will shrink your pores and it is designed for problem skin. I don't have problem skin but I do have some blackheads on my nose - the glamour. Anyway, I layered it on yesterday expecting it to sting or be uncomfortable but no, it just felt pleasantly cool. It hardens in a very old school way and I then expected it to be a nightmare to rinse off but no, however I do recommend a muslin cloth to help. Then I looked in the mirror and lo and behold, my skin looked all smooth and airbrushed. I am not kidding. The effect of course doesn't last but it never does, right?

I am blown away by this, it would be perfect to take on holiday when your skin gets gunked up with sun block. At such a reasonable price, this is something I really think everyone should try.

*Caution: do not visit this forum if you have no will power.


Jenni said…
Love it!!! Amazon, here I come! Just had to let you know, just got a bargain of Bliss products from HoF. The Christmas hamper of 3 Bliss Oxygen products including the facemask (which I already have a bottle of, I love it, and it lasts for EVER!), the eye masks and the face cream. It's fantastic, I can't believe it was such a bargain - £30 instead of £60. x
Cover Girl said…
Let me know what you think of the mask. Great Bliss haul, excellent work. x

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