Beauty buy update, part 2

I forgot some things. Yeah, I bought so much I forgot to tell you about some of them.

Now I am loving this, you pop it on, go about your business for 10 mins or so and then just rinse it off. It comes off easily, no chipping away at dried on mask and it makes your face brighter. Very nice.

I am also adoring this Grapefruit shower gel. It's lovely and refreshing and nicely rich, a little goes a long way.

Yesterday I went to Boots and got this.

I have tried so many dry shampoos and never understood the point of them, they never seemed to work on me however I think I have found The One. XXL volume is fantastic, I sprayed a bit on my hair yesterday which was looking a little lank and flat and instant volume was mine. I was amazed. There are now 14 varieties of Batiste so clearly it's a case of finding one that's right for you. Also, it's refreshingly cheap!


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