Beauty buy update

I may have gone a bit mad. The Dries Van Noten perfume obsession didn't abate so I succumbed to the inevitable and bought it.

It's heavenly and I am not sorry even though it wasn't exactly cheap.

I wanted the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick as they get great reviews but everywhere was sold out. This, of course, made me want one even more. To cope with my distress, I bought this Nars chunky eye pencil.

What a star it is, one swipe each eye and away you go. Gorgeous colour - black/grey with some sparkle but not too much.

Also, obviously I got this.

Both colours are perfect and very long wearing too.

And my sister texted me to say she found me the Bobbi Brown stick so that's coming this weekend. Ummm, yeah. Not exactly restrained then.


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