Selfridges beauty hall

And so to Selfridges with a friend who needed foundation advice. I took her to the Armani counter and all was well as she fell in love with the Maestro foundation. She also bought a lipstick which I was very impressed with. In fact, I love all the Armani make-up, it's beautifully packaged and very classy. The lady did her eyes too and the colours were superb, the range is called Eyes To Kill and they are so pretty:

I was tempted I must say. We looked at Tom Ford make-up which, as always, breaks my heart in its perfection. However, it's ruinously expensive and there is nothing I feel I must have.

In case you think I am sickening for something, I will say I did spend and it was at Bobbi Brown. The Skin Perfecting Retouching powders have intrigued me and a lovely girl put some on me. They come in about 5 or 6 colours but if you are white then you're down to two - yellow or pink. She thought pink would be the one for me but it was the yellow that worked like magic. It was the end of a long day and I was looking pretty weary. She put this powder on and it simply revives you like magic. The site says it works like magic and I really cannot disagree.

It's £25 and I think that's reasonable however unfortunately I fell in love with the brush she used and had to have that.

And naturally I could not resist the lure of the long wear eye gels.

I got Ivy Shimmer Ink and it's fabulous. I am sporting it today and I am convinced with my magic powder I am ready to take on the world!

We then retired for cocktails with our loot (and free mascara from Bobbi Brown) feeling very happy with life.


Jenni said…
oooh love it! Im heading to BB tomorrow to try the miracle powders myself! xx
Cover Girl said…
Let me know how you get on!

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