Bliss triple oxygen instant energizing eye mask

I've just returned from a lovely weekend away in the country staying in a divine little hotel. I hesitate to call it a hotel since it only had 5 bedrooms but calling it a B&B would be misleading. This place had the best food I've eaten anywhere. It's here if you're interested and I highly recommend it.

I always do a beauty treatment when I go away somewhere for the weekend, especially if I have a nice swish bathroom. It's fun and adds to the decadence. I bought these Bliss eye masks in New York in November on the recommendation of my boss who raved about them. I hadn't used them yet (they are expensive, I wanted to feel that I could properly relax with them) and so yesterday I tore into one.

You have to pierce the liquid side and let the masks soak in it and then put them under each eye. The regular Bliss oxygen face mask is a miracle worker and I am here to report that these babies are also The Business. I was looking a little weary having been drinking wine and cocktails the night before and not slept very well. I popped these on and they are sooooo soothing and cooling. They almost sting a little and I was concerned I was going to have red patches under my eyes but no fear, I think it was just the ingredients revitalising me!

I really did feel fabulous 15 minutes later. You only get four per pack so they are a real treat but wow. I highly recommend these for those jaded days.


Jenni said…
I've ordered some of these to go with my new oxygen facemask! Much pampering shall be had next weekend! x
Cover Girl said…
Well, obviously you don't need it being perky and young.

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