Chanel skincare

I've steered away from Chanel skincare in the past with my thinking going something like this: I don't want to get into Chanel, clearly I will adore it and it and will cost me a fortune. Sometimes the universe wants you to have something despite your best intentions and last week, a friend at work gave me a full size Chanel serum and toner as she said they didn't suit her skin. She gave them to me with the words: "I wondered who would appreciate them and thought of you". Discussing make up and skincare by the water cooler seems to have finally paid off.

I'd love to tell you they are nothing special, nothing to see here, move along. But the serum is amazing. It just sinks into the skin, no tackiness, no stickiness, no greasiness and makes you look better. Does it have to be so sublime? The toner is also lovely. I don't go much for toners but this one is gorgeous. Anti-pollution, it's as gentle as can be and you can feel it working. 

Oh for goodness sake, why did this have to happen? The toner is £29 which isn't too ruinous but it's just a toner. It's water.  The serum is £78. The last serum I got was L'Oreal's and was £10 in Boots. I thought I liked it. Ha! How little I knew. It didn't make me feel like I was getting visibly younger as I applied it. Those French know about skincare. 

If you're Victoria Beckham, I recommend it although you probably bathe in it. If your husband is an investment banker (or indeed you are) get the whole range. If you have a normal income then get the serum if you can, it's wonderful.


Jenni said…
I have to admit to owning this serum and being completely in love with it. As you say, you literally feel it SINK in to your skin, NO tackiness or residue (unlike the similarly priced YSL wonder serum - NOT), and you can actually wear it on its own with a moisturizer on top and your skin looks glowy and soft all day. Love this serum way more than I probably should x
Cover Girl said…
I don't think it is possible to love it too much. I want to roll around it .

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