I have my eye on...

Hello,  I've not abandoned this blog. I've been having a quiet January and not had much beauty news to report. However, yesterday I went shopping and perused various beauty counters. I didn't buy anything (well, no beauty things) but I have my eye on a few things I want.

First up of course is Bobbi Brown. I can't get enough of Bobbi. I am so loving the long-wear eye gels and want Chocolate Shimmer, Black Mauve Shimmer and Ivy Shimmer Ink. No, I don't need them but I want them.

I am also intrigued by the new Retouching powders. I tried these on my hand yesterday and think they could be winners.

I've never paid much attention to Origins make-up before but I've heard good things about their Ginzing mascara. Out of interest I had a look even though me and my beloved Estee Lauder Doublewear are rarely apart these days. It looked ok but the brush is too thick for me. However, the eye creams caught my attention.

These were in a gorgeous range of neutral, easy to wear colours, and the texture felt fabulous. If I needed them at all, I'd have bought one.

Finally I don't know how much longer I can resist Tom Ford make-up. 

Be still my beating heart.


Jenni said…
Ahhh, I too have my eye on the BB retouching powder. It's between that, and their porcelain finishing powder. I trialled that yesterday, liked it, and now want to test one of these before I plump. I've been using more foundation than I used to (the Giorgio Armarni Maestro) which is lovely, and I feel I need to set it more with some light powder, but NOTHING cakey! Hence the search for a light, finishing powder. Will let you know my findings x
Cover Girl said…
Helllo! I am going to Selfridges beauty hall on Wednesday night with a friend. There will be damage.

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