Body care must-haves

I don't want to ignore the body, after all, it makes up most of our being! It's easy to neglect it but we all know that would be a mistake.

First up, let's scrub. There's nothing like a body scrub to energise and get your blood pumping. I do like to scrub once a week and I've tried many scrubs over the years. At the moment I am using a Body Shop one and I really like it, not least because it's in a tube. Why do they make scrubs and put them in pots? It's such a faff in the shower. For this reason I have to exclude the delicious Ren Rose one I was given as a present which is divine but very impractical (and very slippery) and it also excludes the Bliss one which is probably the best in terms of results but again, comes in a pot.

So, by default, I vote the Body Shop Satsuma Scrub. It's nice and zesty, it's not too expensive and it lasts ages as you don't need much - I use those funny gloves to apply it, makes it last far longer.

In terms of shower gel, there is only one contender and that's Bliss. I am currently on the Blood Orange flavour but used Lemon and Sage throughout the summer.

Yes it is quite expensive but it lasts for ages, it is a very large bottle, it has a pump (again no fiddling with flip lids in the shower) and it smells heavenly.

Body moisturisers. I love Neutrogena Deep Moisture Creamy Oil. It sounds like it's going to be a greasy disaster but it sinks in like a dream and is lovely. It's a total bargain at £4.99.

Hand cream. I can't live without hand cream and have tubes of it all round my flat. I am not going to lie, the Bliss hand cream is gorgeous but I don't buy it because I get through way too much hand cream to justify that. I really like the Nivea Nourishing hand cream - not greasy and nice and cheap.

That's all folks! I think you'll agree this is my most thrifty post (apart from the Bliss!). I shall save specific Bath products for another thread.


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