Make-up must-haves

Continuing in my series we come to the fun of make-up. A difficult one this as make-up is meant to be playful and I have so many things I love playing with and I like to experiment with new colours and so on. However, when I go away I always pack the following.

I'm not going to bang on about Origins VitaZing again but yes, I take it. I get anxiety if I am apart from it.

Blusher and for me Bobbi Brown wins every time, her cream blushers have a lot of pigment so last for ages.

You can use this on lips as well but I never do.

Eyes - first up is the primer and nobody makes a better one than Urban Decay. It's miraculous. Everyone should have this.

If I am feeling tired or I look tired then nothing is as good as Bobbi Brown Corrector.
I can't stress enough, apply with a brush and not your fingers. I put this under my eyes - not much at all and blend it in and it does perk you up no end.

Then I dust my eyes with Boots Seventeen powder - no point going expensive with this but then I don't powder my nose and if you do, you probably would want to upgrade.

Then my everyday look is an eyeliner and I cannot bear to be parted from my Urban Decay ones.

All the pretty colours! My favourite is Graffiti - the second from the right. But I have many and vary them depending on my mood. I have dozens of eye shadows too but that's for those days when I am prepared to make more effort.

To the mascara. Ahhhh, how many have I tried? And yes still none top Max Factor Masterpiece Max.

It goes on easily, gives you nice thick lashes and lasts all day. I don't like any others as much.

To lipstick. Now I don't wear lipstick by day but for a night out and especially for a night out after work, nothing fast tracks you to glamour more than a bright lippie and since I don't wear it all day long, it's worth getting the Rolls Royce which is Chanel Rouge Coco. It's fabulous, moisturising and divine in every way. Even if I did wear it every day, I'd still buy this.

For more of a day look and when I can be bothered, I do enjoy the Clinique Chubby Sticks. Nice and moisturising and easy to put on, I love the watermelon and the cherry ones.

There we have it. To put all the above on takes me five minutes - I've spent years practising. I can't sit for ages applying make-up, I don't have the patience for it.


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