Skin-care must-haves

As we move properly into Autumn, I thought it was worth doing a round-up of the skin-care products (for the face) I really would struggle to be without. I am constantly blogging about new things I try but here is my list of serious must-haves:

Origins Checks and Balances face wash. I've been using this for years and I still love it. I also love the Origins Clean Energy Oil but if I could only have one, I'd have to go for C&B.

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask. This stuff still wows me. I adore it and really believe it works, it makes your skin more even, glowy and just fabulous. I can't imagine being without it.

Soap & Glory, No Clogs Allowed! This is a scrub that can also be used as a mask. It's a new favourite for me. It does leave your skin a little dry but if you suffer from blackheads, it's the business. I use it once a week in the bath so my pores are all opened up and it works wonders. If you live in a grimy city, this is indispensable.

It's hard to pick one moisturiser but if I had to, then it would be Origins Starting Over. It smells lovely, it sinks in and my skin feels just right when I use it. It doesn't have an SPF though.

My contender for product of the year is Origins VitaZing. If you've not tried it yet, I must implore you to run and don't walk to your local Origins counter. It's fantastic for that healthy glow. Perfect for those of us who don't wear foundation.

Five products and we're only on the face. Hmmmm. I really would struggle on a desert island! This post is not sponsored by Origins (I wish).

Next up will be hair care must-haves.


Jenni said…
I applaud all of these, esp the Origins products. The Bliss mask is on my Christmas list! x
Cover Girl said…
You won't regret it.

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