Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish

As always I am on a mission to find the perfect body scrub and I was in The Body Shop the other day having a browse and thought I'd give this a go. I don't know when TBS got so expensive - £12 for a scrub? I think that's quite a lot.

Recently I had a revelation when I realised that you are meant to put a scrub on dry skin before you get in the shower. It's far more effective. Obviously you all know that and I am slow. I used this scrub yesterday morning and can report it smells lovely - very zingy and pleasing. The results are pretty good but not life-changing, I probably wouldn't buy it again.


Stephanie xx said…
Sooo glad i've just read this post! I also had no idea you were suppose to scrub before you got in the shower! Haha that is a complete revelation! xXx
Anna Belsham said…
I didn't know about using a body scrub before going in the shower..makes sense if you think about it!
Cover Girl said…
Yes it does. A less messy alternative is to get in the shower, put those exfoliating gloves on and wet them and then scrub on to your skin. Then turn the shower on to rinse off!

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